MÉSZ – General Assembly

Vigadó, Budapest, 4 May 2015 MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) held its regular annual general meeting on May 4th, 2015 in the Makovecz Hall of Vigadó in Pest. In his speech chairman László György Sáros surveyed the professional achievements of the past year, the professional policy of the Association, its cultural activities, reported about […]

János Hild Prize 2015

21st National Conference of Urbanism, May 24th, 2015 Text and photos: MUT Year by year since 1968, the Hungarian Association of Urbanism has handed over the individual award named after János Hild, who had been the designer of the very first development plan of Budapest. As a rule, this recognition goes to professionals with excellent […]

Open-mindedness and Experimentation

The Month of Landscape Architecture, 2015 Text: Ágnes Bechtold Photos: Attila Glázer April is a month devoted to landscape design and architecture. This year the rich variety of programmes on offer associated with it continued even in May, including three events for professionals: besides the ceremony of handing over The Landscape Designer of the Year […]

The World of Pure White

Erzsébet Teaching Hospital New Diagnostics Block Architect: Zoltán Tima Text: Gábor Winkler Photos:Tamás Bujnovszky Based in Sopron, the Erzsébet Teaching Hospital has a brand new diagnostics block erected on a site which necessitated a carefully conceived and compact design with dense configuration as the terrain is a steep slope. Design work was further enhanced by […]

A 100-unit Apartment House

A Passive Tenement House in Angyalföld Architects: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus, Dániel Déri, Bence Várhidi, Tamás Kiss Text: Krisztián Dudics Photos: Zsolt Batár, Tamás Szentirmai Commissioned by District 13 of Budapest, a new passive house was built containing a total of 100 dwelling units. To minimize the costs of maintenance was equally beneficial for the […]

Live, Like Fish in Water

István Fekete Visitors’ Centre, Kaposvár, Lake Deseda Architect: Árpád Boa Text: János Géczi Photos: József Hajdú Established in 2014, the Visitors’ Centre on the shores of Lake Deseda near Kaposvár is named after István Fekete, who was born in Somogy county. Just as important as the surrounding area well-prepared for the reception of masses of […]

A Change of Image

The Extension of the Castle Baths Complex, Gyula Architects: Veronika B. Szabó, József Kocsis Text: Attila Kőszeghy Photos: László Francsics As the winners of the tender published for the development project of the Castle Baths complex of Gyula in 2009, architects Veronika B. Szabó and József Kocsis formulated the process governing the evolution of the […]

A Gently Tinkling Final Accord

Art Hotel, Szeged Architect: László Balogh Text: Mária Tatai Photos: László Fejes, Aurél Iványi, István Kuklis Standing in the neighbourhood of the Dóm (Cathedral) in Szeged, Art Hotel speaks a contemporary language whilst respectfully integrating surrounding buildings of various ages and styles to create a new unity. Featuring three main facades, the new house had […]

A Fortress within a Town

Hotel Tokajvár, Tokaj Architect: Marcel Ferencz Text: Rita Tuczai Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The present-day form of Hotel Tokajvár resembling that of a fortress derives from the remodelling and extension of an old building. The tranquil and respectful appearance of its facade is conveyed by its proportions and brick architecture reflecting an order free from all […]

Contemporary Dramaturgy of Absence

Social Building, Visegrád Architects: Andor Krisztián Kovács, Anna Mária Tamás Text: Gábor Erhardt Photos: Greypixel The majority of visitors arriving in Visegrád leave their cars in the disorderly area on the side of the building facing the River Danube. This is why we maya s well regard the building as the gate to the town […]

The Vision of a Village

Culture Barn, Nemesgörzsöny Architect: Ákos Csécsei Text: János Géczi Photos: Zsolt Frikker Knowing his previous works, we may be sure that architect Ákos Csécsei is a professional with a European attitude but the actual proof of his commitment to the continent was first manifested so successfully in the culture barn in Nemesgörzsöny, a mountaineous building […]

Past Rendered Transparent

A Cannon Foundry, Sárospatak – ICOMOS Award 2015 Architects: István Mányi, Gábor Kardos Text: Rita Tuczai Photos: László Váradi, Eszter Kuzsmiczki Designed by Mányi Stúdió, the pavilion now completed functions as a protective structure which received ICOMOS prize in the spring of 2015: it was primarily meant to protect the remains and reconstructions of the […]