Concept Contest for Citadella, Budapest

Association of Hungarian Architects, 13 December  2016

Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay

Winning designs submitted for the concept contest for Citadella were presented during an event meant to launch new traditions in Károly Kós Hall of Architects’ House. The re-development of …

Média Architectural Awards 2016

Uránia National Movie Theatre, 11 December 2016

This year it was the 12th time that Építészfórum organised the evaluation and ceremony of Média architectural Awards in the middle of December in Uránia Movie Threatre. As a rule, the event …

An Arc of Time

Reconstruction and Extension of Hild Mansion in Budakeszi Road

Architect: László Kokas
Text: Miklós Sulyok 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

József Hild, one of the most productive architects of Hungarian architectural history designed this mansion for his own family in 1844. …

An organised association of teachers and students

Jakab Bleyer Elementary School, Budaörs

Architects: Ágnes Tőrös, Károly Pólus, Csaba Nagy 
Text: Zoltán Dragon 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

The building project of Jakab Bleyer German Minority Elementary School was licensed in 2014 in Budaörs commissioned by the local authority …

Acting Colours

National Tennis Centre, Budapest

Architect: Géza Kendik 
Text: Anna Zöldi 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

Colours applied in rich tones in architecture from the Art Nouveau style on were gradually pushed into the background and the passage of Art Deco also …

Sleeping Beauty Awaken

Ferry station, Szentendre

Architects: Antal Puhl, Péter Dajka 
Text: Tamás Ulrich 
Photos: József Hajdú 

Based on photos made of the former ferry station in Szentendre one can see that this ferro-concrete Sleeping Beauty was sleeping for quite a long …

A Milestone Brightening Up

Nordic Light Office Block, Budapest

Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, András Reith 
Text: Anett Mizsei 
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

The concept of Nordic Light office block is based on motion and live experience, as a deliberate choice made by designers. Architects from …

The Principles of Space

Science Museum, Winton Gallery, London

Architect: Zaha Hadid
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Luke Hayes

The Winton Gallery is the first permanent public museum exhibition designed by Zaha Hadid Architects anywhere in the world. The gallery is also the first …

A Friendly Dwelling Machine

Energy-conscious detached house, Pécs

Architect: ifj. Istvan Kistelegdi 
Text and photos: Bálint Botzheim 

The energy-conscious detached house was born as the conversion of a cubic prefab block of flats built back in the 1970s as a series of terraced …

By Time it will Shine

The reconstruction of the minor castle in Fertőd

Architects: Viktor Szentkuti, Dénes Halmai, Csaba Molnár 
Text: Eszter Götz 
Photos: Zsolt Batár 

Since the early 2000s – first via scientific research work, then designing and from 2009 on via the …

Old Home, New functions

Plečnik House, Ljubljana – Piranesi Award 2016

Architects: Maruša Zorec, Maša Živec, Matjaž Bolčin
Text: Edit Pálinkás
Photos: Tadej Bolta

The Plečnik House, the home of architect Jože Plečnik located in the leafy Trnovo borough, reopened in September 2015 …

Everything is all right

Piarist Kindergarten in Nagykanizsa

Architects: Balázs Falvai, Márton Nagy , Balázs Tatár, Dávid Török 
Text: Ferenc Cságoly 
Photos: Arion Gábor Kudász 

The Piarist school centre in Nagykanizsa has a history spanning over 250 years. In 1763 the landlord of the town, …